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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

IIM-A finally recognizes stream disparity in their shortlisting criteria.

Today is the day of heartbreak and joy-when the CAT scores are out. When I checked IIM-A's shortlisting criteria for 2011-13 batch, I first thought it was the same one as 2009-11(where they had given a percentage for 10/12/Graduation without considering streams). For example, getting 90%+ in Commerce is difficult(even more so in Arts) in Std 12/Graduation but that fact was not given weightage.

I had blogged before on the bias towards engineers. But this year onwards,. there is very little excuse for that. But in this year's shortlisting, the section percentiles have been lowered to 94(overall 99). Also, 75%+ is the pinnacle for Commerce marks but 95% for Engineering marks. The scheme seems designed in the word of one of my batchmates, "to bring in more diversity(via non engineering/work exp people)". Lets hope it works.

Update: Some of my batch mates feel that the criteria rewards mugging. But looking at the points structure, anyone with decent acads in 10/12/Grad would make it. They have only replaced those who slacked off in graduation with those who have workexp/master degrees.  

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