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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bschools DO teach you team work_but restricted to the community

An Arab proverb of unknown origin goes
At home, me against my brother. In the house, me and my brother against our cousins. In the village, me, my brother, my cousins against our neighbors. Outside, me, my brother, my cousins and our neighbors against the whole world."

 For Bschools, the proverb would probably read as
"In library/CT, me against my study group mate.
In class, me and my study group mates against the rest.
Outside the class, me, my study group and rest of the section against other sections.
Outside the  academic block, me and my batch(all 5 sections) against the other batches
Outside the campus, me and all other batches/alums against the world"

The last line is the most powerful. Globally(and India is no exception), Bschool brands are built on the success and networking of their alumni. But that would be of little use if the alumni do not cooperate/help out their fellow alumnus.

At certain times(summer placements, academic contests etc), the team work reaches stupendous heights as exemplified by the LIMCA book record breaking dominos show for which the team endured 10 night outs.  But at other times, as in study group formation, quiz preparation, academic help, that bonding some how vanishes.

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