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Sunday, November 4, 2012

IIM Ahmedabad alumni association meets-some observations

The (presumable) benefits of being an alumnus from any premier college, is the sheer alumni base which helps during campus placements, subsequent roles and so on. Of course, there can be some debate on who is an alumnus( http://iimaexperiences.blogspot.com/2011/12/so-who-qualify-as-iim-ahmedabad-alumni.html) but what cannot really be doubted is their role in making the institute what it is today.

Since I graduated this year, I've attended 3 alumni meets, one in Hyderabad and two in Delhi(one normal monthly meet and one Diwali dinner yesterday). Some observations were
  1. Clustering around batchmates happened in all 3 places, of which I was guilty also. Instead of interacting with other batches also, the main interaction used to happen within attendees from the same batch. this was true for graduates from more recent batches, while due to necessity or otherwise, those from batches with low attendance(pre 2000 etc) were more open
  2. Hard drinks were the rule for these, not too surprising that. 
  3. More enthusiastic attendance from the non PGP alumni(MDP etc), but I'm sure they must have felt left out as they do not belong to any 'batch'. Still some interesting attendees there like a DGH Finance officer who had attended the 'Advanced Corporate Finance' MDP at IIM-A last year. 
Overall, at a maximum investment of Rs 500 or so, this is the most efficient way to catch up with your batchmates and others(ANY place otherwise especially in metros would cost that much or more per head). An encouraging sign is the use of social media and email to communicate these events(thats how I found out about it), and the collection of visiting cards/contact details to keep in touch.  I guess the attendees need to look beyond their batch however tempting it may mean, but otherwise good.