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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

You know you are in IIM-A when..

  1. You see 12pm on a clock and immediately think 23:59:59(each second counts here)
  2. You toss out a 1000word WAC report overnight and still outscore the guy who works on it the full week
  3. You speak some BS as "Class Participation" and get swatted down
  4. Whatever you say in class is taken down by the TA(Teaching Assistant) though you are not the Prof
  5. The Prof mails you assignments just when you were about to sleep(even 2am!!!!)
  6. You do not sleep for 36hours and still consider yourself as lucky(I'm not making this up!)
  7. Anything you say to outsiders is taken as gospel even though you may not know a thing(actually we DO know but that would'nt make a difference).
  8. You hear the word "Juice" and immediately think of a certain bulletin board(come here and find out)
Thats all for now.As campus life progresses, I can add some more to this list.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Who ever thought that open book exams could be so challenging?

Before coming to IIM A, I had this perception that open book exams are somehow "softer" and simpler to crack. Only after 2 Slots(4 more to go!)  realized(after some eyeopenng papers) that they reflect the way we work in the real world.

Think about it. When faced wth a situation at work will you avoid opening any reference books/notes etc or would you rely only on what you learnt last in college. The former obviously is what most people would do.
The skills sets needed to mug are far different from the skill sets needed to refer to/locate information in the Googled world. And that is what open book exams teach you.