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Friday, July 2, 2010

Why do male engineers bag 90%+ IIM-A/B/C seats?

As a non engineer, I noticed that male engineers dominate IIM-A with around 95% of the batch. This inspite of the IIM's wanting more gender & stream diversity for better classroom discussions.

One reason maybe the online CAT of this year. We males love our gadgets(I'm just making a generalization here without any gender stereotyping so PL do not send me hate-mail) so perhaps the ability to crack a Computer based test(CBT) was better.

And then engineers have an inherent edge in CAT due to intensive MCQ practice, objective test experience and of course aptitude. Since most of them in IIT/NIT are male, this same ratio reflects in CAT.

So what is the impact? The quality of discussion remains high due to different insights, experiences, IQ but the sector diversity is somewhat missing(less finance, law, arts etc). Still, this has been the trend for quite a few years and things are working fine, so maybe this is not a real problem。

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