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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Why so few chartered accountants(CAs) in IIM Ahmedabad?

Having followed this year's admissions of both IIM Ahmedabad and Bangalore closely this year(thanks to friends in both colleges), I was struck by the virtual absence of chartered accountants in IIM Ahmedabad, but with their number nearly touching double digits in IIM Bangalore. Both trends are not new, with the last chartered accountant receiving his PGDM degree from the 2009-2011 batch, but even till 2011-13 batch, nobody else has secured admission. While there are B.Com/B.A(Hons) and other non engineers in the batch, it is quite surprising that chartered accountants fail to get admission in that mecca of Indian management education IIM Ahmedabad(as a proud alumnus I still say that despite what some random rankings say it is still #1, but then I digress). After some thinking/brainstorming, this is what I came up with

  1.  No special dispensation for CAs:-Unlike in IIM Bangalore where the top 10 Chartered Accountants(among those giving CAT and applying to IIM-B) are called for interview irrespective of their CAT score, the same is not followed in IIM-A or IIM-C. 
  2. CAs neglecting their graduation/post graduation and thus losing out:-This year, a friend scored 80%+ in his TYBCom Exams of Mumbai University and(having secured 80%+ in 10th/12th also) was even called for interview, but his final admission was not processed because after recalculating his marks to include non university college level marks of FY/SY BCom, his aggregate in graduation fell below 80% thus making him ineligible for interview call as per IIM-A criteria! As most CAs pursue their articleship along with graduation, excelling in both becomes very difficult, more so securing the high marks IIM-A expects...
  3. Different aptitudes/interests/not exposed to objective type exams:-A reason why engineers score over their non engineer peers in MCQ exams like CAT, is their exposure to these exams since Std10 itself(take it from me, acing these exams is a skill honed through intensive practice), and CAs who work or undergo genuine articleship, rarely have time for attending coaching. Even those engineers who have not undergone CAT specific coaching still know how to give MCQ exams. CAs may not know that. 
How to solve these issues? Normalization of degree scores is one way to solve #2, but to solve #1 and #3, CAs need to buck up and ace the CAT instead of expecting special treatment IMO


  1. Hey,
    I am currently doing my chartered accountancy. I am also dreaming like many others to get into iima but seek guidance. I find you being an alumni at iima and a ca could provide me with immense help. So can i ask for mentorship from you?

  2. @Siddarth-Drop an email at p10anandht at iimahd.ernet.in
    I could not locate you thru Google, so replying via the blog!

  3. Hi Sundar,

    I need your inputs. I am a CA, qualified in Nov 11(1st attempt) and currently working with a Big4 fiem in Bangalore. I am planning to give CAT in 2014. my scores in 10th 87%, 12th 83% and Grad 78% (IGNOU). what are my chances to get into IIM A,B,C with these scores and what should be my CAT score.

    I am doing CFA too, will it be an advantage during PI?


    Karthik Tabjul

  4. I am persuing for IPCC as on today, its my dream to be IIM qualified since I was in 11th std, but my score in 10th ,12th and 1st year is not soo good.. i got 80% in 10th, 70% in 12th and about 65% in fy bcom, so am I elligible...?
    what other elligibility criteria is there..?

  5. Im awaiting my ca final results due i jan. Also have cleared cfa level 1 and 2. Level 3 due in june 14. Scored 83% in 10th, 87% in 12th and 80% in tybms. What are my chances of making it thru iim b and what cat score do i need. Please help.

  6. Need some guidance on CAT and getting to IIM's. How can i contact you?

  7. sir
    I am a CA final student. I scored 87% in class 10th and 88% in class 12th. My scores in graduation stands 70%. Being in IIMs is my dream for which I live for..with the above mentioned scored can i make it to IIM's?
    I would really be thankful if you could please help me out..
    Thank You.

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  9. I am a CA IPCC student and planning on doing my B.Com from IGNOU,I want to ask you whether doing B.Com from IGNOU can affect my chances of getting into IIM-A negatively? Please,do reply.

  10. hi i have cleared my IPCC both groups and secured 85% above both in class 10th & 12th and i m planning to do my B.com from IGNOU. Will that affect my chances in getting into IIM- Ahmedabad negetively? please do reply

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