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Saturday, February 4, 2012

The 5 student associations that left IIM-A better in FY12 than in FY11

Earlier, I'd blogged about the cold rational logic about why student associations on campus conduct events and competitions for various motives.(http://iimaexperiences.blogspot.com/2012/01/college-festivalscompetitions-winwin.html). With the imminent handover of these clubs to the junior batch, I thought I would give my 2paise on the student bodies that made a lasting impact on campus OR showed a dramatic improvement over the achievements of last year. I must confess firstly that I did not have personal knowledge of all events/activities on campus(for instance I was not much involved in Chaos events/cultural activities) so excuse me for missing out certain people/clubs. And also, due to conflict of interest, I do not list BETA(The finance and investments club of IIMA) of which I'm a member!  And while other student bodies do organize rems etc, I included the top 5 which I think made the best impact.
  1. Messcom:-The mess quality/variety improves at lower prices compared to last year, with a record number of 'special dinners'-open free of charge to the entire student community. While Joos was shutdown without a wholly satisfactory arrangement, the committee did do its task well, and ensured new food outlets/better menus etc. Kudos to Mohit Garg and his team
  2. Entre:-The entrepreneurship cell was quite active in its core work(Entre shop), conducting competitions and co-organizing speakers sessions etc. And of course, the pricing of the merchandise was quite reasonable. Kudos to Selvamuthukumaran('Selva') and his team.
  3. Public Policy SIG:-Set up this year by my floor mate Akash Bansal, this SIG was quite active with speaker sessions, monthly magazine and co-organizing Ideafest with Entre. It did improve the politics/current affairs awareness on campus to a good extent.
  4. Alumni Cell:-Their series of guest lectures, alumni outreach efforts etc culminated in a great Golden Jubilee concluding session in Dec11. While student participation somewhat reduced towards the end, they did great work. Good work by Tejesh Kinariwala.
  5. CultComm:-While only time will tell the entire effect, they did do a good work of organizing a New year party(a first ever for IIM Ahmedabad) which saw great attendance from outside campus as well. Other events like Janmashtami celebrations etc were also good. Great work by Nizar and team.
Lets hope the student bodies for FY12-13 do an equally good job and carry forth the traditions

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