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Monday, January 16, 2012

How MBA has changed my way of thinking

After 19 months at IIMA(ok 17 months excluding the summer internship!), there have been a few changes in the way I think-though some close friends may deny that. From the 100% number crunching perspective, I have atleast learnt to recognize the 'softer' non quantifiable perspective as well. To give some specific examples:
  1. Finesse or the MBA version of jugaad/creativity-call it what you may-has been the punchline of most cases around. Rarely would you find that the best analytical solution wins the way. Rather, it is the most creative/realistic solution that carries the day
  2. Humane approach especially while dealing with labour/workers, is another aspect. One should not abuse one's dominance to strike unfair deals, which can come back to haunt you
  3. People/Plants/Relationships are not just cells on a spreadsheet, but are to be considered as important entities to be dealt with with respect.  
  4. Respect for other functions:-Coming from Finance perspective,  I thought others were lesser mortals. But I realized that other functions are even more technically complex, and that we realize the importance of most things only after something goes wrong!
  5. Networking:-I belonged to the school that 'Some work others network'. But network is inevitable and very important art in its own right. Like politics, we all are involved whether we are aware of it or not, so we might as well become competent in it. 
  6. the power of teams:-As venture capitalists repeatedly say, they back teams and not just the business plan! Winners of competitions would endorse this thing wholeheartedly, as well performing teams complement the skills of their members and ensure synergy. 
  7. Respect for BS/'globe':-The art of talking/writing pure nonsense/small talk is a fine art, and very important to lubricate the wheels of commerce. As I often state, the person who calls a spade a spade is only meant to use one! 
 A surprising thing above is that most of this is the softer 'people side'. Maybe our HR/OB profs were right when they claimed their courses to be the most useful!

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