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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Time to log out of Facebook and face the books(!)

Just before a surprise quix, my study group mate(and close friend)  put this as his status message today. It got me thinking about the amount of time IIMians and IITians spend on social media, movies, TV shows etc. As explained to me by my IIMA friends(veterans of engineering college hostels), watching TV shows does become a craze. And now, social media has become the new idiot box. A sociologist may attribute it to factors like loneliness, insecurity, boredom, easy supply(and net speed) etc but the fact remains that many of India's brightest spend(waste?) a lot of time online-specially on Facebook.

Now, evaluating someone's time use decisions as 'waste' is not my intention. But even on occasions where this is expected to fall(exams, assignments etc), empirical evidence shows that people still stay logged on. If this has become the new junkie fix, I wonder about the implications for workplace internet bans, social advertising etc. If people cannot do without Facebook for days, then can FB become the new 'Big Boss'? My concerns may be overdone but this does seem a serious issue.

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