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Friday, February 25, 2011

So am I a 'compulsive reader'?

One of my close friends at IIM-A(who prefers to remain anonymous) once wondered whether I was a compulsive reader? To those not into reading(like him), it seems surprising that I read so much, more so that I read 'elementary' topics(finance related stuff). His comments got me thinking and here's this post.

I read for different purposes(other than the mandatory case readings)

  1. Entertainment:- While others prefer TV shows, films etc, I like the occasional novel or two
  2. Professional updation:- As one of the few people with 3 qualifications(CA/CS/CWA) spanning law, financial accounting, corporate finance, management accounting etc, I consider it essential to keep up with what is happening in my field. While trade magazines, blogs, newspapers and journals ordinarily suffice, books are sometimes essential for this. 
  3. Investing:-Also, I am an(so far) amateur investing who believes in special situations investing and value investing. For both of these, extensive knowledge base is must. 
Of course, it does help that I have(in the words of another friend) a 'thirst for knowledge'. But that does not mean that I rely on 'book smarts' alone. While I do like the company of like(and of late-unlike minded too!) minded friends, other professionals etc, I prefer to chart an independent thinking path. And that by definition does need some solitude or curling up with books. 

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  1. Special situations investing...remembered your punt on Bharti Airtel ;)