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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Audited placement reports-IIM-A leads the way again

Earlier this month, IIM Ahmedabad released its audited placement report on http://www.iimahd.ernet.in/iprs/members.php. For those too lazy to download the reports from that page, I paste the direct links for Final Placements 2012(http://www.iimahd.ernet.in/iprs/gallery/IIMA_IPRS_PGP_Finals_2012.pdf) and Summer Placements 2011(http://www.iimahd.ernet.in/iprs/gallery/PGP_Summers_2011-12_Report.pdf). For students who must make decisions on MBA 2013-15, these reports will admittedly be dated by a year, but still they give the most credible information compared to the other IIMs. I do not intend to crunch the numbers/reports, or give personal analysis(one should read the report, form an opinion, then maybe comment on this blog/reach out to other students/alumni rather than expect spoon-feeding).

Some important sections to note in the report are
  1. $value and PPP adjusted value of foreign placements-quite interesting reading
  2. Location wise average pay-no regional biases evident
  3. Sectoral pay-especially note the sectors which offer hefty joining bonuses!
  4. High base pay-bursts the perception that MBA CTC includes even office rent amortized!
Anyways, those aspiring for MBA, and their guides/parents/friends should certainly understand these reports, and demand them from other colleges. Admittedly, as Pagalguy points out(http://www.pagalguy.com/news/four-ways-which-iim-as-iprs-placement-reporting-standard-can-fixed-a-29347) , there are quite a few lacuna and loopholes, but these reports are a good start.

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