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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Recruitment styles at IIMs- Final Placements 2012

At the outset, let me clarify that media restrictions and desire to protect proprietary trade secrets of IIM-A/companies concerned curtail this post from being more informative. But the following are interesting trends which I think will continue.
  1. More application forms:-Usually(atleast at IIMs), a simple 1 page CV is related to firms which then analyze it on their end. But this year, more firms have begun mandating filling in applications in their own format either online or offline(paper forms). 
  2. More 'fit' questions:- Companies are aware that the tight job market may make candidates apply to roles that do not dovetail with their own preferences. Therefore, many companies are making their HR questions more intensive, be it via application forms or in the interviews
  3. Excel based forms which are then printed to PDF:-This is a very interesting innovation, which leverages the best of Excel and the PDF add-in. Instead of spending on paper forms/curtailing space, the companies now(atleast some of them) send an Excel based form which the candidate can fill, and then export to PDF and attach as application. Even the photo can be pasted(.jpeg file) in the form! It saves paper and ensures company can store those forms as PDF easily.
  4. More senior people coming down:-As Economic Times mentioned in a recent article, IT firms are sending senior people and alumni in droves(even at CXO level) to campus, perhaps to raise the firm profile and send a signal about the firm's interest. Very few companies now send merely junior people or HR to campus. 
  5. More tests/group activities:-Psychometric tests(elimination and otherwise) are making a come back, as are some non GD group tasks. Ironically, that is when IIMs have abolished GDs(atleast A&B have), so some candidates may be on the weaker foot there.
  6. Fewer spot offers:- Since companies are wary about candidates leaving them soon after joining, they prefer to take the best fit they can, which would entail looking at the maximum candidates they can. Of course, placement committee rules do matter but this seems a trend. 
  7. Selling the growth story:-Be it mature or old companies, many of them are claiming that they are still expansion mode despite the global turmil and all. If you are global, claim that you are expanding in Asia/the role you are coming for! If you are Indian, claim you have game changing international aspirations etc. 
Would update this post if required but this is what  I see at present. 

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