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Monday, April 25, 2011

Learn from the best-select industries for their good practices

While poring through several annual reports and cases, it struck me that certain functional expertise is fungible across industries. Once I kept an eye out for such cases, a large number of examples struck me which I am sharing in this post. They do seem obvious once mentioned but in simplicity is beauty.  Any feedback is appreciated.

  1. Transfer pricing expertise in taxation is best learned from MNCs which structure their transactions carefully to minimize tax impact. For example, News Corp, GE, Reliance(now)
  2. Mass training can be mastered from those in industries with high standardization & attrition(retail, telecom, IT) or those with regulatory compulsions(banking)
  3. Segmentation in marketing can be best picked up from telecom companies, Google(which even gets location based information!!) etc
  4. Physical distribution masters are the FMCG companies
  5. Get forecasting skills from industries with wafer thin margins like commodities, FMCG,retail. 
  6. Learn project financing/execution skills/compliance from infrastructure companies which successfully navigate a web of SPVs 
There are certainly many more examples but this is all I can think of for the moment. 

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