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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Animals of IIMA

As the last exam of the last term of PGP1 draws to an end, I am getting a bit sentimental about those good(and not so good!) times in the past year. Prime among those would be the interesting characteristics of some of my fellow students from IIMA and other campuses whom I saw/heard of. So without much ado, I present to you the species I notice.
  1. Cuckoo:- Like how the cuckoo lays its eggs in the crow's nest(and escapes its fair share of work), this person puts the burden of group assignment on the others in the group. Virtually all study groups have atleast one of the species(but exceptions do exist)
  2. Hyena:- Like the animal kingdom counterpart which attacks injured creatures adding to their burden at the worst possible time, this person is swift to 'rat on' others who are already in some trouble. 
  3. Dog:- A dog has many attributes but displays loyalty and licks the ass of other superior dogs. We have people on campus who butter up the senior batch/recruiters so blatantly, they become a byword for desperation/ give-up ness. Of course, this behavior can be justified as being an integral part of life etc, and is a valuable life skill for those who can do it well.
  4. Parasite:- Meaning self explanatory. This person not only does not contribute a single thing(individually or in group assignments), s(he) actually drains the others of their energy and motivation by cracking jokes, tangential arguments and unpleasantness. And you can be sure that just before an exam/surprise quiz, you will get a SOS from that person for help-what where they doing on the weekend?
  5. Parrot:- A parrot is expert in reciting even what it does not know/understand. Some people behave like this in class discussions when they recite case facts/ analysis from other sections.
  6. Ox:- This person is low key yet solid, intelligent and a valuable group member.
  7. Rhino:- This person is as thickskinned as a rhino, who does not take implied and expressed hint. Whether it be sharing your notes, imposing on your time/food etc, you can be certain that unless you virtually slam the door/phone, the rhino will end up getting his way
  8. Snake:- Has a long tongue(!) and venom filled fangs. Not a good enemy to make.
  9. Cat:- Lazy, delicate, pampered creature who pokes her nose into unwanted matters.
  10. Elephant:- Good natured giant-physically and mentally. Quite efficient in difficult work needing attention for long duration/advance notice etc
  11. Cheetah:- Person with enough 'street smarts'/'flexibility' to start an assignment at 8:15 and yet submit it by 8:45..AND get a good grade in the process. Like the animal kingdom equivalent, a fast worker albeit in faster spells.
To those who know me(and classify yourself in one of the above), remember this post MAY not have had you in mind at all. Any resemblance to real life characters is unintended :P


  1. Great analysis.
    You forgot the most special specie: the "Bloody Smart"!

  2. It had to end with the elephant & the cheetah. Nice post BS (FS to Daya..) :-)

  3. Nice one... wonder which one am I ;-)