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Friday, July 9, 2010

Some phrases to use in any class participation

In my first 2 weeks here on campus, I noticed 1 thing irrespective of the class. Whenever the Prof would expound some theory/idea/concept, some smark aleck(s) racks up some CP(Class Participation) points by saying the following:-
-It depends on the Situation
-We cannot apply this in all cases
-We need a balance of positive/negative
-I agree with him
-.....(rephrasing somebody else points)
-Sir as you said.. Even if the Prof has not said anything like that, he can rarely say so(unless he is utterly wrong). And the person putting CP gets brownie points for hanging on to the Prof's words

These weasel words just add fluff/gas to the situation without contributing any new idea. But an unwary academic associate(the person watching class participation) may just count the number of interventions and award marks. Thankfully, both the Profs and Academic Associates are quite competent and experienced to observe such tactics. Then why they are still applied is a mystery to me.

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